We specialise in high fidelity colour reconstruction services in culture, history and entertainment.


Restoration Services

Why restore?

Black and white photography can be an artistic choice, but with images taken before the advent of mainstream colour photography, it was usually the only option. As a result, historical photographs are a far less vivid depiction of the past. Skilfully restored and authentically colourised photos allow the viewer to connect with a past era and see details they never noticed before, bringing history to life and drawing attention to images previously unseen in full colour.

We strive for authenticity.

Our image specialists never take shortcuts when it comes to research. We painstakingly ensure the authenticity of locations, clothing, signs and other ephemera of the era through the use of sources ranging from satellite imagery, archives and auction listings, to liaising with experts such as garment historians.


Your collection, re-defined.

We'll provide expert restoration and colourisation of black and white images, ensuring historic authenticity down to the finest details. If you have a large collection, we can curate it for you. We offer advice on best images to restore and colourise, as well as helping you develop a marketing strategy to generate interest in your collection; from exhibitions to printed materials and merchandise.


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