World War II – Normandy, June 12th, 1944


Jeeps of the 261st Amphibious Medical Battalion's A-Company race across Utah Beach to deliver front line casualties to the waiting Landing Ship Tank USS-134 for transport to hospitals in Great Britain. 

Operation Neptune, more commonly known as D-Day, occurred just under one week before this photograph was taken. This invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe by Allied Forces on 6 June 1944 saw 5,000 vessels carrying more than 160,000 troops make landfall in France on the first day.

Over the course of the summer, more than 3 million Allied soldiers made their way into France. USS LST-134, which had been built almost a year prior, would also see action in the invasion of southern France and the occupation of Okinawa halfway across the world a year later.

Color Reconstruction Jordan Lloyd
Words Emily Kern

Original Photograph by David Kerr
Format Unknown
Date Monday 12th June, 1944
Location Utah Beach, France
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