1900s: Retronaut's New York


"New York like you've never seen it before"

- Mashable


An exhibition on New York's 5th Avenue, Retronaut's New York presents 40 high definition panoramas of New York as it was in the 1900s, restored to their original condition.

The belief that the past is qualitatively different from the present is a persistent one. Some of its roots lie in the acceleration of recording technology across the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Put simply, the further back in time we go, the hazier the photographic record becomes - quite literally. So it comes as a surprise to witness the version of New York recorded by these panoramic photographs - the city in the late 1800s and early 1900s, yet a version that is super-high-res, and deeply detailed. It’s New York’s past in widescreen.


5th Avenue, New York

Concept & Curation
Wolfgang Wild, Retronaut

Graphic Design
La Placa Cohen

Rainer Verbizh & March Lach

Thank you to
Christoph Schulz, Jim Roberts & Josh Sapan

Presented by

Produced by
SC Exhibitions at Premier Exhibitions

Exhibition Photographs
© Jason Woodruff

Panorama Sources
The Library of Congress

Jordan Lloyd