Unwrapping Times Square


100 years, 20 photographs, 4 views, 1 location.

Unwrapping Times Square celebrates the crossroads of the world by seamlessly combining over a hundred years into a seamless and spectacular image where decades cascade into one another. The hypnotic result is a beautiful and surreal panoramic photograph, simultaneously instantly familiar and disconcertingly anachronistic at once. It is a physical manifestation of Retronaut's mission to show 'the past like never before'.

Conceived as the centre-piece for Retronaut's New York, Unwrapping Times Square is a literally wall-sized photograph that confuses and delights the viewer in equal measure, a 'timescape', if you will.


1900 - Present
Times Square, New York

Jordan J. Lloyd & Carles Marsal

Thank you to
Christoph Schulz, Limor Garfinkle & Deborah Humphries, Emily Kern, Mark Lach and Maribel Moran

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SC Exhibitions at Premier Exhibitions

Exhibition Photographs
© Jason Woodruff

Library of Congress, Getty, Corbis


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1951, SuperStock
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1945, Bettmann
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