LST-134, 1944


LST-134, 1944

Colour by Jordan J. Lloyd
based on an original photographic print by David Kerr

Monday 12th June, 1944, Utah Beach, Normandy, France

(US National Archives and Records Administration)

With thanks to Emily Kern


Jeeps of the 261st Amphibious Medical Battalion's A-Company race across Utah Beach to deliver front line casualties to the waiting Landing Ship Tank USS-134 for transport to hospitals in Great Britain. 

Operation Neptune, more commonly known as D-Day, occurred just under one week before this photograph was taken. This invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe by Allied Forces on 6 June 1944 saw 5,000 vessels carrying more than 160,000 troops make landfall in France on the first day.

Over the course of the summer, more than 3 million Allied soldiers made their way into France. USS LST-134, which had been built almost a year prior, would also see action in the invasion of southern France and the occupation of Okinawa halfway across the world a year later.